The Missouri Center for the Book, representing the Library of Congress, is proud to celebrate Missouri students, teachers and families who participated in this year's contest.  Thank you and Congratulations!  This eagerly awaited annual event has moved to its new permanent home: The Missouri Center for the Book Central Chapter (MCBCC), UCM, Warrensburg.  With thanks to MCBCC Director Naomi Williamson, assisted by Letters About Literature Project Supervisor, Cathy Clear, for their dedicated passion to books, children and doing one's best!  Get ready for next year!


2014 Letters About Literature Awards Ceremony April 26, 2014 1:30 p.m. 

James C. Kirkpatrick Library, University of Central Missouri 


    Level l                    First Place :   Jayanth Uppaluri 

                                 Jamie Paradise, Teacher, Forsyth School, St. Louis 

    Level l                    Second Place:     Robert Blocker 

                                 Suzanne Luther, Teacher,  Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Jefferson City 

    Level l                   Third Place :        Amy Phillips 

                                Jamie Paradise, Teacher Forsyth School, St. Louis 


    Level 2                 First Place:     Katherine Vlamis 

                               Kathy Laffoon, Teacher Liberty Middle School, Liberty 

    Level 2                 Second Place : Preethi Sriraman 

                                Kristin Brake, Teacher, Crestview Middle School, Ellisville 

   Level 2                  Third Place:     Marissa Young 

                               Melissa Banjak, Teacher, North Kirkwood Middle School, Kirkwood 


  Level 3                   First Place:     Devi Acharya 

                                Sharon Elliott, Teacher Crossroads College Prep, St. Louis 

 Level 3                    Second Place:  Hannah Peck 

                                Allison Moore, Teacher Nixa High School, Nixa 

 Level 3                    Third Place:     Mia Rintoul 

                                Kristine Roudebush, Teacher, Maplewood Richmond Heights, Maplewood