MCB Elects New Officers....Naomi Williamson To Lead

Naomi Williamson, President of The Missouri Center for the Book



The Missouri Center for the Book is proud to announce the results of our recent election of new officers.

Naomi Williamson, President     
Jim Baumlin, Vice President       
Madeline Matson, Secretary       
Donna Essner, Treasurer            

These distinguished individuals will lead the MCB forward in partnership with the National Center for the Book in Washington, D. C.  Our passion and mission is the importance of books in the lives of all citizens.  We champion reading and literacy in all forms, with particular emphasis on the history and future of the physical book. 

Our president, Naomi Williamson, recently retired after an impressive 41- year-long career in the library world.  Her long association with the University of Central Missouri began when she started college at Central Missouri State College in the fall of 1968. She graduated in November of 1971 and “walked” at graduation in May, 1972. Naomi recalls that, due to the institutional name change to Central Missouri State University, she received two diplomas for the same degree—one with each name. Years later she saw the university’s name change a third time.

Naomi has long been associated with the Children’s Literature Festival, which Ophelia Gilbert and Phil Sadler began in 1969. She first served as an event volunteer in 1980 and was an integral part of its success from then on. Naomi became the Festival Director in 1999, serving in that capacity thru 2015.  She considers her biggest professional accomplishment to be the ongoing success of the Children’s Literature Festival. In March 2014, the 46th Children’s Literature Festival was held on campus, with 4,500 children and adults in attendance.

"This will never be a civilized country until we expend more money for books than we do for chewing gum. 

 - Elbert Hubbard