The Missouri Center for the Book is proud to announce new sponsorship.  Chartered by the National Center for the Book at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., we have chosen to expand our outreach into all regions of the state through affiliate regional chapters.  The eventual goal of establishing chapters in all areas of the state is off to a marvelous beginning!  These sponsors share the common goals of the MCB, along with priorities and programs unique to the needs of their regions.

We are fierce Champions of the Book, especially the physical book, in all its glory.  New books, old books, library books, antiquarian and rare books, books of memory and hope....all books.  We champion those who make books their life's passion.  Librarians, Teachers, Writers, Illustrators, Booksellers, Bookbinders, .....but most of all, we champion the Rights of Readers.

We are currently represented by:  The Mercantile Library in St. Louis, Missoui State University in Springfield and the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg.  This new organizational model has been enthusiastically encouraged and applauded by John Cole, the director of the National Center, as an exciting and innovative approach to promote reading and the importance of books in the lives of Missourians.