National Book Festival 2013




April Roy and Larisa Cassell represented the MCB at the National Book Festival, September 21 & 22 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The kick-off for the event was a Friday evening reception hosted by the National Center for the Book, where John Cole, director, welcomed an enthusiastic crowd of festival participants and supporters.

Larisa reported, "Everything I have been told about the National Book Festival proved to be true. Saturday, from early morning to closing, literally thousands of people, mostly children, eagerly presented small printed maps of the US and territories to the Missouri table, asking for our state stamp.  A smiling parent described it best, ' My daughter views this as a giant treasure hunt!' Treasure hunters who filled their maps with stamps received a yo-yo!  Obviously, it was indeed the journey that was the prize."

"The level of excitement and fun permeating festival events never waned," April said.  "Our book selection, David Harrison’s PIRATES, was a huge success!   Saturday afternoon brought rain.  We shoved our end table further inside the tent and kept going, nearly erasing the borders between Missouri and Nebraska!  Still, the stamp seekers came.  I will never forget it!"

That sentiment was shared by over 200,000 attendees.