Randisi, Robert J.

Missouri County: St. Louis
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Western, Other
Audience: Adult
Published Works:
FICTION:  The Disappearance of Penny, Charter Books, 1980; Eye in the Ring,Avon Books, 1982; The Steinway Collection, Avon Books, 1983; Full Contact, St. Martin's Press, 1984; The Ham Reporter, Doubleday, 1986; No Exit From Brooklyn,St. Martin's Press, 1987; Separate Cases, Walker & Co., 1990; The Dead of Brooklyn, St. Martin's Press, 1991; Hard Look, Walker & Co., 1993; Stand Up,Walker & Co., 1994; Alone With the Dead, St. Martin's Press, 1995; In the Shadow of the Arch, St. Martin's Press, 1998; Murder is the Deal of the Day(w/Christine Mathews), St. Martin's Press, 1999; Fire Under the Arch, St. Martins Press, 2000
ANTHOLOGIES:  The Eyes Have It,Mysterious Press, 1984; Mean Streets,Mysterious Press, 1986; Justice For Hire, Mysterious Press, 1988; An Eye For Justice, Mysterious Press, 1988; Deadly Allies, Bantam. Doubleday, 1992;  Deadly Allies II, Bantam, 1994;  Lethal Ladies, Berkley, 1994;  The Eyes Still Have It, Signet, 1996; First Cases, Signet, 1996; First Cases II, Signet, 1997; Lethal Ladies II, Signet, 1998; First Cases III, Signet, 2000
AUDIO ANTHOLOGIES:  For Crime Out Loud, Durkin Hayes, 1995; How the West Was Read, Durkin Hayes, 1996; Hear the Fear, Durkin Hayes, 1997; How the West Was Read II, Durkin Hayes, 1997; For Crime Out loud II, Durkin Hayes, 1998
NONFICTION:  Writing The Private Eye Novel, Writer's Digest, 1997
WESTERN NOVELS:  Targett, M. Evans, 1990;  Legend, Leisure, 2000;  The Ghost With Blue Eyes, Leisure, 2000
WESTERN NOVELS (written as, "Robert Lake"):  Mountain Man's Vengeance; Blood Trail To Kansas;  Backshooter;   Texas Iron, Zebra Books
SERIES OF WESTERN NOVELS (Each  Created and Written Under a Different Pseudonym):  The Gunsmith Series, Berkley, 1982- Present;  Tracker Series, Avon, 1984- 85;  Angel Eyes Series, Paperjacks, 1986- 88;   Bounty Hunter Series, Paperjacks, 1986- 88;  Mountain Jack Pike, Zebra, late 80's
Have any works been translated into other languages? Yes
Speaking Engagements:Author accepts.
Fee for speaking: Yes
Contact Information:
4342 Forest DeVille Dr.
St.Louis, MO 63129
Phone: (314) 892-2623
E-mail: rrandisi@aol.com