Ozarks Chapter Co-Hosts Missouri Poet Laureate, William Trowbridge

Missouri Poet Laureate William Trowbridge reading in Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield during Wordfest 2013.



On September 28, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. in the Coffee Ethic in downtown Springfield, the Ozarks Chapter for the Missouri Center for the Book (MCBOC) formally declared itself open for business. As the Ozarks Chapter's first official act, the MCBOC director, Dr. Tom Peters, presented Missouri Poet Laureate William Trowbridge with a framed broadside poster of his poem, "Poet's Corner." 

National Book Festival 2013




April Roy and Larisa Cassell represented the MCB at the National Book Festival, September 21 & 22 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The kick-off for the event was a Friday evening reception hosted by the National Center for the Book, where John Cole, director, welcomed an enthusiastic crowd of festival participants and supporters.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Missouri Center for the Book mirrors that of the National Center of the Book, “promote books, authors, and the larger community of the book." It is a statewide organization that promotes the importance of books and reading to Missouri residents, celebrates the state’s literary heritage, and recognizes the contributions of Missouri’s authors, book illustrators, booksellers, publishers, librarians, and others involved in the literary arts.  

Welcome to Missouri Center for the Book!

Letters About Literature is an opportunity for students grades 4-12 to enhance their writing skills and proclaim their admiration for the author of a favorite book.  Each year, hundreds of students from Missouri enter the national contest, and from those participants semi-finalists are chosen and their letters are further judged at the state level.


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